First Ever 4D Life Sized Human Hologram Effect Output Machine

8 feet x 6 feet Wide
(Allows Life-Sized Humans)

Light Source:
LED Outdoor Panel 6000 nits
(Proven Quality 2D Images)

Technology: TV-4D
Camera Capture
Software Processing
Stereo Lens Output
2D, 3D Depth, 4D Pop Out
(2 Views in Negative Parallax)

Comes in Rolling Case

12 tiles, video processor, software, cases and cables. This pack is a turn-key system!

One Person Assembly
Ready to play in 30 min
12 TV-4D Tiles

Live Performers
Filmed by TV-4D Cameras

TV-4D Library Of
Live Performers
Tribute Artists and Real

Avatar Performers
Created with TV-4D Software

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the B-BOX™

Karaoke Hologram Machine
Sing With Performers

Live Stage Performers

Custom Images Available

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