Hologram Machines

“B-Back Inc. has been the talk of the IAAPA 2019 Show!”
says WPRK Radio Orange County, FL.
Hear the radio interview highlights here!

B-BACK Inc. IAAPA 2019 booth walkthrough.

After 10 years of research and development, we have perfected a series of Hologram Solutions that perform a true Hologram viewing experience never before offered!
At B-Back Inc we are offering 4D hologram effects that are sent directly from our light source to your eyes. This TrueVu-4D technology approach allows characters and objects to appear to be in the air space between our Hologram display and the viewers as though it’s actually in the room.

We are currently offering 2 models:
1. 65” 4K “Hologram Window” ™
2. 8’h x 6’w “B-Back Machine” ™
We also can build custom displays.
Let us make your Dreams a Reality!
Hologram Window
B-Back Machine
65″ 4K Displays

B-Back-tesseract(909) 589-2637
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